Raising money to promote physical fitness, education, and sportsmanship through athletics!

UPDATE 4/7/13

Last training run today!! Tapering is very hard because it is only 10 miles today!!! I'm so excited for next Monday. 8 more days!!!

UPDATE 3/17/13
Yesterday, my running partner and I ran 17 around Gillette Stadium and surrounding towns. We are gearing up for a big "Hop 21", Easter inspired run next weekend. I have received my BIB number too(25118). 4 weeks from tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!

UPDATE 3/3/13
Saturday, I ran 9 miles, and today 18 with my training partner Nicole from her house in Franklin to my house in Mansfield! 6 weeks from tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

UPDATE 2/25/13
Ran from Natick to Boston on Saturday...18.5 miles dressed like a SuperHero. I surprisingly felt amazing. Only 6.5 weeks left!!!

UPDATE 2/20/13
10-mile race was cancelled, but I ran 10 miles on the treadmill instead! Got 15 miles in with my training parter Tuesday the 18th along Route 140 through 4 towns. Two short runs over the next couple days, then a 17 mile training run along the marathon course starting in Natick Saturday!!!

UPDATE 2/16/13
10-mile road race tomorrow! I really hope it isn't cancelled due to snow because I think it will be really fun! This coming Tuesday, my training partner and I will run 15 miles starting and ending at Gillette Stadium. Then on the 23rd, we'll be participating in the Super Hero 17 mile run (will post pics). The run starts in Natick and ends in Boston along the Marathon route. Thank you so much to all who have donated. I'm working hard to make you proud. ;)


As a busy Mom of two young children, it is important to me that both my children and myself are active every day. The Bay State Games is a wonderful organization that helps children and adults build healthy exercise habits and gain confidence through athletic competition.

**Bay State Games is a non-profit organization, established in 1982 with the mission of promoting personal development, education, health, physical fitness and sportsmanship through athletic and educational programs for Massachusetts citizens of all ages. Each year, over 65,000 participants, ranging in age from 6 to over 90 and representing more than 300 Massachusetts cities and towns take part in various Bay State Games programs. These include the Bay State Summer and Winter Games, the Kids Fitness Challenge for Massachusetts elementary and middle school students, the High School Spirit Program for all Massachusetts secondary schools, the Future Leaders Scholarship program, a sportsmanship initiative and a sports medicine conference. All programs are at nominal fees or free of charge to participants. Bay State Games annually distributes grants and scholarships to individuals and schools to support their physical education programs, athletic departments or college education pursuits. Over 1,200 volunteers are involved each year to conduct all Bay State Games programs.


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