Eric is raising money for TAASC whose goal is to provide adaptive adventure sports to those with physical challenges.

Eric is an 11 year old boy who loves sports and being outdoors! But Eric can't just play on his school basketball team or go to Wal-Mart to buy a bike. He can't go to the local ski slopes on the weekend to ski or run a race on foot. Eric's ice hockey requires a sled not skates and a race involves a special wheelchair not running shoes. Eric was born with Spina Bifida which causes him to have paralysis in his lower legs. But this doesn't stop Eric. When he was a baby, the doctors said he would never walk, but given the right "tools" Eric could walk. Now he plays sled hockey, skateboards (on his knees), plays golf (adaptive golf cart), water skiis (adaptive equipment provided by TAASC), kayaks (adaptive equipment provided by TAASC), snow skiis (adaptive equipment provided by TAASC), learning to race a special racing wheelchair (racing wheelchair provided by Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio), bowls, does archery (bow and arrows provided by Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio) and so much more! You see, Eric doesn't know what he "can't" do, only what he WANTS to do. Given the right "tools", he can do anything. TAASC is about providing the "tools" for kids and adults who have physical challenges. By providing them with the tools, they are changing thier lives, building their confidence and helping them find joy in life! I'll never forget the first time some strong college volunteers carried Eric into the water and onto the adaptive ski. Off he went down the river being pulled by the power boat. The tears were flowing down my face. There had been many tears for Eric, but these tears were different. These tears said, "all is well, Eric will be fine, there are people who care." The folks who volunteer at TAASC will stop short of nothing to make these adventure sport opportunities work for everyone. They are loving, kind, helpful and committed to providing life changing opportunites for people with physical challenges. Please join us in supporting this wonderful cause!

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