Support Team JCFS at the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

What inspired you to run/walk the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team JCFS?

The ability to bring a skill I have to offer as a way to inspire others and, hopefully, inspire giving. Most of us are lucky enough to have others in our lives who have given to them in significant ways throughout their lives. This is a chance for me to be able to give to others.

What program are you running/walking for?

Response, JCFS’s program that supports and empowers adolescents to make healthy life choices.

How does JCFS Redefine What’s Possible? or Describe one moment when you knew that your work with JCFS made a difference in someone’s life?

Over the years, the incomparable numbers of those who have been touched positively by JCFS has made a real impact on me. I see them in my everyday work, and whenever I meet with people in the community.

What will you be thinking about at mile 20?

Really? Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going. I find it easier to stick to a simple mantra when I am running and in pain.

What food will you hunt down after the race to replenish those 2600 calories?

Water….I’ll save the food for later. Well, maybe a banana.

What do you love about running/walking?

For me it is a quiet time to be with my thoughts. In our busy world, we seldom just get the chance to unplug. Running is that escape for me.

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