Im March of 2011 I had the privelage of being apart of this amazing Brown Boi leadership retreat. even though i enjured my back hours into the retreat I found the time i spent here life changing. Here i learned to challange masculine privelege and transform wat masculinity looks like. As a person who Works with homeless youth (many young brown men) I find myself constantly going back to the things I learned during my retreat. The Brown Boi is truly a family and i continue to grow from those Brown Bois in my cohort and Brown bois across the country who were either already apart of my chosen family and or are now becoming apart of my family.

Brown Boi project has also helped awaken me spiritually and is one of the many things that led me toward my journey to Judaism and allowing me to have a new life one fll of hope love and integration.

In Judaism the number 18 represents Life feel free to donate 18, 36 or even 180 to the Brown Boi Project. Learn about the work we are doing in the world and in our own local communities.

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