Create a diverse community of leaders taking charge of local environmental health and creating a just, sustainable economy.

EJAM believes in the power of communities to find solutions to the challenges they face. Our community-driven approach builds upon the culture, knowledge and ingenuity of the communities we work with. EJAM promotes cross-cultural, cross-neighborhood solutions to health, environment and economic challenges.

EJAM’s Healthy Homes Initiative trains community members in North Minneapolis to evaluate and prevent exposure to toxic substances commonly found in household settings, including lead hazards that could impact a child's development.

EJAM’s Traditional Foods, Healthy Communities initiative brings together urban African American, Latino, Lao and Hmong, and Native American growers in North and South Minneapolis to grow culturally important foods and develop small enterprises to produce and sell traditional specialty crops and value-added products.

EJAM uses popular education to train youth in environmental justice leadership. Our youth-led initiatives help revitalize culturally-grounded traditions of caring for the land through water conservation and reduction of surface and ground water contamination.

EJAM is in critical need of funds to sustain our key projects. With your help, we will continue to fight for environmental justice and build healthy communities!

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