A collaboration with Lutheran synods and social ministries, working through congregations to end the enduring epidemic of domestic violence.

Lutheran Advocates for Safe Families (LASF) is a collaboration between the LCF and Lutheran synods and social ministries that aims to end an enduring epidemic of domestic violence with resources, education and awareness through congregations. LASF was created to inspire and refocus the movement within our faith community to address domestic and sexual violence. The collaboration represents a shared commitment to change a reality for some families that hasn’t changed nearly fast enough.

Healthy and Safe Congregations is LASF's first project, and its goal is to prepare clergy and lay leadership to intervene in and prevent family violence, as well as create safe congregations and facilities. Two Safe and Healthy Congregations training programs will take place this fall in Baltimore and Chicago and in San Francisco in early 2011. A grant from the LCF is providing $1,000 per attendee to cover the cost of training, meals, accommodations and travel.

The LASF and LCF worked with Lutheran theologians, the ELCA’s Justice for Women in Church and Society and Faith Trust Institute ’s to develop training materials with a Lutheran theological perspective. FaithTrust, who will facilitate the training program, is a national multifaith, multicultural training and education organization with global reach working to end sexual and domestic violence.

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