Committed to Creating a Legacy Of Hope, offering programming that equip, inspire & empower youth, women and their families for the future.

The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation (ETLF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, committed to “creating a legacy of hope” offering programming, opportunities and scholarships that equip, inspire and empower youth, women and their families for a better future.

Founded in 2005, in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and operating out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, ETLF dedicates its on-going efforts to turn the painful part of our history into a positive future, by helping our youth and others reach their fullest potential – something Emmett did not have a chance to do.

Emmett Till's untimely death at the age of 14 (August 28, 1955), his mothers choice for an open casket funeral and the acquittal of the confessed murders sparked the Civil Rights movement. Let's join together and not let his death be in vain. WE MUST NEVER FORGET!

Our mission in the words of Mamie Till Mobley... "We cannot afford the luxury of self pity. Our top priority now is to get on with the building process. My personal peace has come through helping boys and girls reach beyond the ordinary and strive for the extraordinary. We must teach our children to weather the hurricanes of life, pick up the pieces, and rebuild. We must impress upon our children that even when troubles rise to seven-point- one on life's Richter scale, they must be anchored so deeply that, though they sway, they will not topple" Mamie Till Mobley mother of Emmett Louis Till.

Your generous financial gift or donation will help us:

  • Provide annual educational scholarships to young people who have graduated from high school and will be attending college in the US. We support those who have demonstrated a passion for making a difference not only in their own life but that of others.
  • Provide financial support for students age 14 plus to attend annual college and university tours
  • Provide the support to host the annual Hear My Voice! Are You Listening? youth rally. Includes youth speak outs, empowering youth to make good life decisions along with a powerful passing of the baton ceremony with community elders
  • Provide support to continue to show and update the documentary "Who Killed Emmett Till?" (directed by Ray Metoyer with post Discussion with both Ray /or Deborah Watts), an American History Wake Up Call! to educate about the past, inspire and motivate youth and young adult audiences across the county about their future. The message is a powerful one that allows us to "Journey Back To Move Forward"!

A Who Killed Emmett Till? 7 min preview can be viewed here (scroll down to the 6th video on the webpage:

or You can check out the You Tube favorite with over 158,000 views!

  • Provide support to help assist youth in promoting peace, justice and equality across the country with the "NEVER AGAIN" movement and Pledge:I pledge to never again allow the ugly parts of our past history to become the present. I will forever stand up against racism, hatred, injustice and crimes against our youth. I will always stand up for peace, justice and equality for all.
  • Provide scholarships for young and mature women to attend the annual/national women's empowerment symposium, LOVING FROM THE INSIDE OUT™…(LFTIO) is a powerful and life changing womens empowerment symposium."

    LFTIO is an opportunity for women of color to come together to engage, heal, grow and find love!

    The attendees will learn from leading experts and each other, address issues that concern them and gain some important steps to having the love, career and life that they want and deserve!

    It also includes a "Woman of Courage" awards luncheon recognizing other women of courage in our midst. This award is in honor of Mamie Till Mobley, truly a woman of courage!

We know we have a tall order, with exciting plans for the future. With your support, we can meet the challenges ahead, and continue to make a difference in the lives of others. Please join us!

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