ONE GREAT CAUSE: Empowering the lives of Chicago rowers – possibly a future Olympian. It only takes one – YOU – to make a difference.

Hi, I am Ema and I am proud to say that I am a Lincoln Park Junior rower.

I love everything about LPJ’s program. I love the coaches, my teammates and the sport itself. Since I started rowing this spring I have made tons of new friends, gained confidence and learned many new things. My teammates and my coaches are my second family and our boathouse is like a home to us. While we are fortunate to have our current location our “house” is in desperate need of replacement. More and more people want to join rowing every year but there isn’t enough a staff, space or resources to ensure that everyone gets to experience the joy of rowing. At LPJ , we want to give every person who wants to row an opportunity to do so. If we had a bigger and better boathouse, that would be possible. But, building a boathouse is not easy.

That is why I want to help raise money to build our new dream home so more people can learn to row – enjoy it – and become part of our close-knit family.

Please help to make this come true.



Some cool facts about LPJ:

  • 45 different schools throughout the greater Chicago area are represented
  • 72% of our junior rowers come from public schools
  • 33% of our junior rowers are on scholarship
  • 100% of our graduating seniors go on to college, many on rowing scholarships
    (I want to be one of those hopefuls)

Please visit!about/c1mxq for more information about LPJ and the new Clark Park boathouse facility.

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