El Amor de Patricia (The Love of Patricia) is an orphanage in Guatemala which helps its children reach their full potential.

After adoptions closed in Guatemala in 2008, I first learned of a baby who spent her first 48 hours alone in the countryside in torrential rains with worms crawling in her ears and genitals.... then there were the newborn twins found dead in the city dump....and the baby found in a garbage can in a seedy motel.... and the one found in the septic tank with his placenta still attached. My heart broke for the overwhelmed teenage mother who buried her newborn baby alive because she was so terrified of getting "caught" being pregnant, even though she was raped.... the stories are endless. If not us, then who will help them???

Please come along with me and make a difference in the lives of these precious babies who just happen to be born in a country where over 75% of the population lives below the poverty line. Where woman have so little and even less for their children.... where babies are treated as though they are disposable....it doesn't take much to make a big difference. Actually for me, it was harder to turn my back.... thank you for being a part of a very necessary solution.

Our Vision

Our vision at El Amor de Patricia is to provide a home for vulnerable children in Guatemala where they are loved, appreciated and encouraged to reach their full potential in a family style setting. We do this by providing stabilty, resources, healthy nutrition, a good education and a faith based environment which integrates them into the Guatemalan culture.

The children of El Amor de Patricia will have a home, not just a shelter, for as long as they need one. Children will be provided medical and dental care as well as a good education. Most importantly,children are in a safe, stable environment cared for by compassionate and loving nannies who celebrate each child's individuality, talents, and development. This method of care allows each child the opportunity to learn to bond with their care givers and the other children while living in the family style setting.


Visit our website at www.theloveofpatricia.org

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