Please make a generous donation so orphaned children can escape poverty in Montrouis. 100% of your gift will directly impact their lives.


It’s no secret that Haiti has a problem with orphans.
Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that orphaned children have a problem in Haiti. A big problem.

Even before the earthquake, UNICEF estimated there were more than 380,000 orphans in Haiti. After the earthquake killed more than 315,000 people, it’s hard to guess what that number must be now.

Step out of your comfort zone for a moment and experience life through the eyes of Haiti’s orphans.

Imagine how you would feel...
...if you had no parents to love and protect you – or who abandoned you or sold you into a form of slavery.
...if you were always hungry and never knew when you would eat next – and on a good week, get four or five meals.
...if you were always dehydrated, and any water you could find was dirty and full of parasites and disease.
...if you couldn’t sleep because you were shivering with malaria.
...if you didn’t know how to read or write, and couldn’t go to school because you had no clothes.

Imagine this…and you’ll have an idea what it’s like for the children who barely survive in the chaos of Haiti outside Eden Garden Orphanage.

BUT INSIDE the walls of Eden Garden Orphanage, life is so much different.

Here, you would find people who loved and nurtured you and 37 other orphans as if you were their own, and who offered a safe place away from intruders and abusers.
And who played with you, told you stories, and sang to you.
And who taught you about God, how to share, and how to love each other.
And who sent you to school with shoes and clean uniforms, and helped you with homework so you could have the same opportunities to pursue your dreams as their own children.

AND here, you’d have…
... three meals every day and clean water whenever you were thirsty or needed a shower. (And where you could flush away what you ate without worry about filth and contamination.)
...a place to sleep peacefully because a nurse treated you for malaria or other sicknesses.
…the opportunity to learn French, not just Creole – the poor people’s language.
…the chance to break the cycle of poverty and become a productive adult.

To us, these are just “the basics.” But in Montrouis, they are the difference between survival and death, health and sickness, hope and hopelessness.

Our leaders and staff at Eden Garden Orphanage are dedicated to making that difference every day in the lives of orphans…one child at a time.

Please help them make that difference with your donation.
100% of your gift will make a direct impact on people's lives in Montrouis.

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