Only 800 Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrots survive on Bonaire. Dr. Sam Williams established Echo to help protect them from threats.

The Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot is threatened with extinction!

Only 800 remain on Bonaire and Echo is working to provide solutions to help their conservation.

Problems include:

  • Illegal poaching where people cut open nest trees to steal the chicks,
  • Feral goats and donkeys which eat the native plants lowering food availabability for parrots
  • Introduced cats and rats which eat parrot eggs and chicks.

With your support Echo works to achieve the conservation of the incredible Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot and their ecosystem on Bonaire.

Your support can help us raise a total of $10,000 for parrot conservation on Bonaire

Sam Williams is working tirelessly to establish Echo and to conserve parrots: "We've been working on Bonaire seasonally since 2003 but getting the foundation going and being here permanently is extremely challenging. We're helping parrots on Bonaire and their numbers are going up, but we are also training other conservationists and so helping other parrots too. We certainly make any donations go a long way and if you can donate today then your support will be doubled, and you'll really be making a big difference!"

You can learn more about our specific goals on the Echo website: .

Echo is a non-profit conservation foundation on the island of Bonaire (Caribbean). We are supported by, and work in partnership with, the World Parrot Trust who are collecting contributions for this project on our behalf.

Please send a donation today! You can help us protect these incredible parrots on Bonaire.

Donors in the UK please visit the World Parrot Trust's UK estore so you can donate in Pounds Sterling.

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