Provide Erdheim-Chester Disease research funding/support and patient support.

The ECD Global Alliance supports patients, and their loved ones, affected by Erdheim-Chester Disease, an extremely rare and debilitating disorder. Little is known about this disease, it can take years to receive a proper diagnosis and there are no scientifically proven treatments.

Erdheim-Chester Disease can affect many different organs of the body. It is characterized by excessive production and accumulation of specific cells whose normal function is to fight infections. These cells, called histiocytes, accumulate in the loose connective tissue of the body. As a result this tissue becomes, dense, thickened and fibrotic. Multiple different organs can be affected. Unless successful treatment can be found, organ failure can result.

The organization is focused on providing support to all those affected by ECD, promoting research relative to ECD, raising awareness of ECD and sharing ECD educational material. For more information, please see

Thank you to everyone who helped the ECD Global Alliance meet their 2012 Donation Challenge. We are very pleased to announce that through your generous donations the organization was able to turn $60K into $120K to support all those who are affected by Erdheim-Chester Disease! Thank you to all the generous donors who made this possible. Let's see if we can raise even more funds to support patients and researchers in 2013!

We thank you for your support.

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