El Ayudante partners with Nicaraguan people to transform the nation. We approach the country one child, one family, one community at a time.

Our story is a testimony of how God can prosper a simple act of obedience by every day people to bring hope and life change to tens of thousands and influence one of the most strategic cities in the Americas.

After a short-term mission trip to Honduras, I was among a small group of Tennesseans that had a great desire to give birth to a ministry that would serve children in neighboring Nicaragua, a country that had been wounded by revolution, natural disaster, and political corruption.

In the fall of 1999, without any contacts or financial resource, we committed to go to Nicaragua. For me, I loved Nicaragua before I ever saw her lakes and volcanoes. I loved her people before I met them. This is the type of love that only God can instill in a man’s heart!

An exploratory team was organized. We flew into Managua and travelled north to León to assess the need. We were heart-broken over the plight of children and returned with a vision to construct a protection center to serve children most at-risk.

Miraculously, God began to answer our prayers for provision of contacts in and financial resource for Nicaragua. So miraculous was this provision that it gave me and my family, really for the first time, a comprehension of the magnitude of our God! When we grasped just this cameo of what He does every day in our world, we became committed to being a small part of what He would accomplish in Nicaragua!

In 2001, El Ayudante purchased 31 beautiful acres near León and began construction of a base of operations to facilitate mission teams which would play a vital role in our mission to Nicaragua. As we built facility, we built relationships with the people in the setting of their communities. As we built relationships, God began to assemble a dynamic team of nationals including administrators, accountants, lawyers, and an architect who would direct His Work.

We established partnerships with national institutions that were in authority including the Ministries of Health, Education and the Family and National Police. As a 501(c) 3, tax-exempt, non-profit corporation in the United States, we began a process of formalizing our legal status in Nicaragua. Our NGO status is today elevated to having a contract with the Nicaraguan government through Foreign Relations.

El Ayudante hosted our first mission team in late 2002 and since has coordinated the ministry of over 7500 international missionaries to Nicaragua. Mission teams assisted in construction of our on-campus child protection center and medical clinic. The child protection center was home to 37 beautiful children until its transition into a family enrichment center serving not only our children but their families. The clinic provides care to approximately 1500 women annually with at-risk pregnancies.

Teams have also brought life change through a coordinated, holistic ministry to thousands in León and throughout northwest Nicaragua. The ministry of El Ayudante has been distinguished by:

  • Mayor Tránsito Téllez who presented us the Key to the City of León.
  • President Enrique Bolaños at a special ceremony recognizing our medical ministry in response to a regional health crisis.
  • Nicaragua National Police Commissioner, Aminta Granera, for its work with the National Police at a ceremony in León.
  • opportunities to inform US ministries operating in Nicaragua at the US Embassy by invitation of the US Ambassador.
  • the Ministry of the Family who recognizes our work with at-risk families as a model for Nicaragua.

The recognition we hold most dear comes from the barrios where we are partnering with the Nicaraguan people, hermano a hermano, to make their visions for their communities become reality!

There is a miraculous story unfolding here and it is changing my life—and the life of my family—and the lives of thousands of missionaries who are joining the El Ayudante team to bring hope and change to Nicaragua! Come be a part of something that only God can do!

Come be a part of our story.

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El Ayudante partners with Nicaraguan people to transform the nation. We approach the country one child, one family, one community at a time.

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