Let's do this! Goal of $1,100 total ($1,000 from donations + my $100 matching).

This donation is through razoo.com. A very respected charitable donation receiving/tracking website. All money goes directly into Doctors Without Borders' general fund. I do not see a dime. You will get a tax receipt for your donation in your mail instantaneously after donating.

Letter from Doctors Without Borders to donors:

In 2011, thanks to your help, Doctors Without Borders conducted 7,334,066 outpatient consultations, performed 58,326 surgeries, delivered 151,197 babies, vaccinated 1,339,873 children against meningitis, and the list goes on…

Doctors Without Borders exists for one purpose - to provide first-rate medical care to people who need it, with no regard for race, religion or political affiliation. We have no agenda, and the fact that we receive 98% of our funds from millions of individual donors around the world is very often the only thing that allows us access to people trapped in conflict areas where other organizations are unable to work.

So thank you for extending your community to include the people we serve. I’ll leave you with some words from Alex Nash, a Doctors Without Borders water and sanitation Engineer:

"On Christmas Day there was an outbreak in a nearby town; they called us that evening during our dinner and asked MSF for help. A quick town meeting later and we had a bunch of hardy volunteers who helped us build a treatment center in two days, complete with 20 beds, buckets, chlorine for disinfecting people, and training for the local nurses. Afterwards the townspeople wrote us a letter. They said: “Thank you for not leaving us to our lot.” That message was for you: people who believe that, with all humanity’s wealth, technology and industry, no-one’s “lot” should be a quiet death in a pool of vomit on a mud floor in the jungle, because they can’t afford $1 worth of medication. Thanks for being on the team."

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