Size 550x415 ravnrck hanging at the canyon

Meditating at the East Rim

Size 550x415 ravnrck irene laughs at tent

Tenting in the juniper bowers.

Size 550x415 barn ceiling plaster

Barn new plank ceiling & first plastered wall. Three more walls to go!

Size 550x415 group%20sunset

watching sunset at Summer Monastery

Size 550x415 group%20on%20porch

relaxing on Ravenrock porch

Size 550x415 barn%20interior

Exquisite Dancemeditation Floor

Size 550x415 barn%20exterior1

Barn Porch & Croft

Size 550x415 barn%20room%20back%20door

Croft Back Door

Size 550x415 group on rim

Group on East Rim

Size 550x415 rainbow

Magnificent double rainbow arcing over mesa

Size 550x415 north rim

Ponderosa pines on north rock rim

Size 550x415 canyon view

Long canyon view

Size 550x415 iscah

Iscah at Wisdom Tree

Size 550x415 2013 razoo logo3
Size 550x415 red%20barn

Barn (before water tanks & porch)

Size 550x415 work%20team

volunteers make papercrete on a work weekend

Offering embodied spiritual inquiry through practice, service, and community connection.

We are so close to completing the Barn at Ravenrock. Contribute today!!!

Our goal: $15,000
Deadline: December 31, 2014

What do we need to do?
– plaster interior Meditation Barn walls
– install glass South Barn Door
– East side slab porch & door
- crucial berming & swailing on Barn's east side

Our first Summer Movement Monastery at Ravenrock was wonderful. Ravenrock truly is a haven to unveil our souls' sensations. Now that it has been 'tested' by a seasoned group of practitioners, and once we have completed the Barn, we will be welcoming all qualified applicants. (More about this at

We'd love to be your favorite spiritual garden. Please consider a monthly tithing. (At the bottom on the right you can select that a monthly or annual contribution be automatically given.)

A Bit about Ravenrock
“Wilderness holds the answers to more questions than we know how to ask.”
– Nancy Newhall, This is the American Earth

Now, more than ever, we need time to kiss nature and to be kissed by nature. The Dervish Dancemeditation community engages a crucial new level of seeking. At Ravenrock, 160 acres of high desert terrain in Northeastern New Mexico, practitioners leave frenetic modern life to continue our rich spiritual practice in the remote quiet offered to us by magnificent Ponderosa forest, 100-mile vista of uninhabited canyon, and ancient rock rim. (For more about Raverock, visit

Our larger objective of $250,000 includes funds for purchase of additional adjacent land for community retreat, to be custodial of wilderness, and to endow the property for ongoing practice continuity.

Current Status
- Barn The raw plank ceiling is complete. The walls are fully insulated. Plastering is halfway done.
- Porch The 15 X 24 foot porch is complete. It was our outdoor summer kitchen, and hangout to enjoy the spacious view of Hermit’s Peak.
- Water Catchment Two additional water collection tanks with a capacity of 3000 gallons were added to the east side of the barn. Now both sides of the roof are able to collect water. Papercrete uses a lot of water so the rain that falls is getting used readily. But we have plenty of water. The winter snow melt will top off all the tanks and give us 6000 gallons.
- The Croft The adjacent Croft, also 15 X 24, is complete. The Croft is fully insulated, with water in and out, as well as propane cook stove and countertops. During retreat, it serves as a cool summer lounge and kitchen storage.

The Dervish Society of America is dedicated to the path of evolutionary Sufism. DSA provides programs and opportunities for personal development, exploratory inquiry into embodied spirituality, and community connection through practice, service, and performance.

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Offering embodied spiritual inquiry through practice, service, and community connection.

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