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They Stole Our Stuff, But Not Our Spirit!

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They Stole Our Stuff, But Not Our Spirit!


Tami's Desk - X Marks the Spot of the Missing Laptop


Hannah's Desk is Sad Without Her Laptop


Odie Thanks You for Your Support!

Raising funds to replace what was stolen, and improving our office's security for the future.

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The Story -

During Saturday night's performance of Midnight Radio Animated Holidaze, a thief crept into our offices and stole twoMacBook pro laptop computers, a wallet with $60 in it and a standard backpack. While we are grateful that all they got away with was "stuff," it still hurts, and now we have to replace what was taken.

We've filed a police report, combed local pawn shops and attempted to track our computers remotely via the cloud, all to no avail :( While we have backups of most of our files, we really need our computers to keep Bricolage running smoothly.

Needless to say we did not budget for the Grinch to stop by this year. When we posted on Facebook about the incident there was an overwhelming show of support, which made us feel incredibly blessed to live in such a generous city. Many of you asked how you can help so we've put together a campaign to raise funds to replace our items.

If we reach our campaign goals, we will be able to replace ...

Two Computers - $3710

Alex's Cash - $60

New Wallet - $50

New Backpack - $75

and then also purchase ...

Office Safe - $250

One year of Business Renters Insurance - $600

We rely heavily on our computers for research, grant writing, script writing, financial management, and connecting with you, our beloved audience. With your help we can replace the items, install security cameras, buy a small safe and move on from this incident hoping that the person who violated our space finds peace.

We understand that people steal when they are hurting, and our anger towards the thief is not going to change anything about what happened or bring back our items.

If you can spare some funds this holiday season to help get Bricolage back on track we'd be forever grateful. Plus, we've included some extra special perks for every level of gift.

Thank you for being in our lives, your inspiration keeps us going.

With love and gratitude,
Jeffrey, Tami, Hannah, Kari and Odie

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