Our son was born without his Corpus Callosum. Please support further research of this disorder. Thank You!

I am telling our story because I believe there are a lot of people out there whom have been misdiagnosed with other disorders. We have been through the gammit of tests and lables, from Autism to mental retardation. It wasn't until we suspected another bought with seizers that we decided to get a cat scan of our sons head. Dominic was 9 years old. Upon the reading of the cat scan the Doctors saw that Dominic's, who has been affectionatley named "Doodlebug", Corpus Callosum was completely missing. Neither good news nor bad, he is still the Dom we know and love to pieces! However, without delving into the possible seizers we may never know specifically what is holding our little Doodlebug back. Now we know. We want to get the word out there that if you have a little "puzzle" and have never had a CT scan, you may want to think about it. It can aswer alot of questions.

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