Helping all shelter animals with over all care as they wait for a new home.

I have heard and been part of so many moving stories about pets. They always and continue to remind me of how much animals are so important to our lives. Instead of a story I want to share with you my "Thank You" to my 16 year old cat Irwin.

Irwin,for the times I did not feel well and you snuggled up by the very spot that hurt and kept me warm I thank you.For the days that I felt blue you seemed to find a way to be silly and make me laugh. I thank you.For the times I felt angry about this or that you ignored me reminding me anger is brief and there are more important things to do like changing your litter. I thank you. For your loyalty,companionship,& love you bring every day Thank you! Pets make such a difference in life. Thank you for your support! Irwin sends out a very BIG MEOW of thanks for your donations :)

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