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Please help in keeping my late Grandmother's love and philanthropic energy going strong by making a donation to eduKenya in her honor.

On January 30th it will be one year since my Grandma's passing. We were very close and she is always on my mind. I have been thinking of something I could do to honor her on this day. My Grams was a woman with a very huge heart that she shared freely with anyone and everyone. You would always hear her counting her blessings and saying how thankful she was for her life and wonderful family and friends. She felt strongly the importance of “giving back” and was always very passionate about donating to charities. Her love of ALL people on this planet was immense and so far reaching... especially to children. As long as I can remember she had pictures on her refrigerator of the kids she was sponsoring in Africa, on Indian reservations, all over the world...

I was recently introduced to an organization called eduKenya - a non-profit organization that is working to build schools within poverty stricken communities in Kenya. The schools provide the kids with an education, food, shelter, and clothing and, above all, with hope. Hope…. Which leads to change.

I know my Grandma would be a big supporter of eduKenya because she always talked about education being the one thing that has the ability to end the ignorance, poverty, and warring state of nations…. and ultimately change the world. It is organizations like eduKenya that are doing the type of work that inspires these kinds of transformations.

Will you join me in donating some amount of money – big or small – to help eduKenya build their schools? In doing so you are also helping me keep my Grandma's love and philanthropic energy going strong…

Thank you dearly!

~Sarah Corbett

I learned about eduKenya by way of photographer friends Tony and Amy Hoffer. They recently traveled to Africa to document the work and progress of the schools and are doing an outstanding job in helping to spread the word. The full picture story can be viewed at:

Learn more about eduKenya:

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