Doing Good Together inspires and equips families to volunteer together, to spend time with loved ones while also helping the larger world.

What if you could find a way to spend time with your children that was free, fun, rewarding, and helpful to others as well? What if that activity also provided a powerful antidote to our culture's incessant messages of competition, self-absorption, and materialism?

The answer just may be family volunteering. Researchers and parents agree that family volunteering gives parents (and grandparents!) a hands-on way to teach children the values of kindness, compassion, tolerance, community responsibility, and good citizenship.

Minneapolis-based Doing Good Together (DGT) provides the support, access and tools so that even the busiest families can make community service a part of their lives. Just as important, reflection is a built-in component of every project, to encourage conversation among family members about the value of helping others and critical social issues. In this way, serving others becomes a deeply embedded and lifelong value.

In addition, DGT offers organizations -- including schools, faith groups, museums, social service agencies, businesses and civic groups -- expert training and resources to create comprehensive family volunteer programs or simply help in hosting a one-time family service event.

Remember that while getting critical work done in the community – like feeding the hungry, spending time with elders, fighting for human rights, and promoting environmental stewardship -- families that volunteer together are raising children who are more likely to become tomorrow’s community activists, philanthropists and thoughtful, caring, generous adults. That is why investing in family service pays such huge dividends: it helps solve immediate problems and creates hope by instilling the spirit of giving in a new generation.

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