Pet Haven rescues and re-homes cats and dogs, advocating on behalf of companion animals.

I have always been an animal lover. Ever since moving to the Twin Cities and having my own apartment, I have felt the tug of sharing my space with a four legged friend. Knowing I was unable to make a long term commitment to an animal because of my love of travel, I was introduced to this animal rescue organization, Pet Haven, that is completely foster-based. Pet Haven is an all volunteer, non-profit that provides it's animals with veterinary care including a spay or neuter. All of the animals in their adoption program stay in volunteer foster homes until they are adopted. The foster families care for the animal and learn about its needs and temperament. This helps to find a suitable permanent home that is a good match for the cat or dog. All donations go towards the food, litter, supplies and payment of medical bills. Most of the animals in the foster homes come from previous shelters where they have stayed in cages for most if not their entire lives and have yet to be adopted; thus, are top on the list to be euthanized. This organization gets the animals out of the cages and into loving homes, which is for most of them a second chance. I have been a foster mom to my first cat, Dolly, and just recently took her to her first adoption. I am running the 5K9 run with a Pet Haven dog to raise money because I am passionate about this organization and believe in everything it stands for. If you feel compelled, please help as you can!

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