I am running my first half marathon to raise money for the leukemia society.

As a first grade teacher,I deal with 6 and 7 year olds on a daily basis. They are innocent, loving, kind, forgiving, and care-free. This is one of the reasons as to why I love working with this age. Now imagine adding heartache and loss to that. That was me in November of 1987. I was 7 years old and had just lost my father to Leukemia.

January of that year had started off with my father becoming very ill. He was misdiagnosed once, being told he had the flu. A few weeks later he found out his illness wasn't actually the flu, it was Leukemia. He was told he had 11 months to live.

My mother spent many days telling us, me and my almost 5 year old brother, it would be okay. That she would have to go back to work after quitting her job to have a family. That we would have many different babysitters. That she would have to go to many different doctors appointments. That things would be different.

In November, my father lost his 11 month battle. He was diagnosed when he was 49 years old and died when he was 50. I am running in my first half marathon in disney world on Sunday, February 24th to support the leukemia society. Please consider supporting me to to help people fighting this horrible disease. Thank you!

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