As the one-year anniversary of the devasting earthquake in Haiti is approaching, we need to ensure that no victim falls through the cracks.

I recently began interning for the non-profit organization Disaster Accountability Project, and my eyes have been widened by all of the existing gaps between grant solicitation and actual progress and relief. The work on the ground to help strengthen Haiti's infrastructure and its people is remarkable; the root of the problem is the donation money left untouched in an organization’s bank when so much more needs to be done.

Since the Haiti earthquake, DAP has engaged over 250 volunteers to improve the effectiveness of the billions donated. In July, we released a six-month report on transparency of aid/relief groups, which landed stories in the New York Times, USA Today, and an in-studio interview on Al Jazeera English. 
As we approach the one-year mark, we are continuing to monitor these relief efforts, making sure that as donations keep pouring in, effective and intelligent work is pouring out to where it’s needed most.

I am extremely passionate about what DAP does, and am more than confident that our continual effort will make a remarkable impact on those suffering from natural disasters. An effective and transparent response can prevent suffering for millions--making the difference between life and death. Your donation is critical as we take our work to the next level. Will you help us today?

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