DIG IN ART is a participatory arts-based workshop series that merges art and nature and takes place in outdoor urban spaces.

Announcing the Launch of Artfully Unforgotten’s (AU)— DIG IN ART Program!

Through a partner pilot project called The Recyclers’ Urban Farm & Garden in the Fall of 2011, AU developed a series of participatory art workshops that truly explore the nexus of green living and arts, with an emphasis on availability for all. Now it’s time to expand DIG IN ART to additional communities in NYC!

The Suite of Workshops that comprise the DIG IN ART Program are:

  1. The Art of Upcycling – Encompasses gardening with recyclables, found-item artwork, collages and the use of unusual objects as art materials.
  2. The Art of Food – Explores food as an art form & engages community in sharing cultural, agricultural, and culinary legacies.
  3. The Art of Visual Storytelling – Uses photography and video photography with the garden as a stage for creativity in storytelling.
  4. The Art of Painting – Includes muraling, planter & birdhouse painting, & more.

Our Plan:

Launch the DIG IN ART Program at one garden in 2013 and then continue to expand to other urban garden spaces in the New York City area starting in 2014!

By focusing on the importance and power that creativity can have, we are ready to roll out the program to other community gardens and food/environment-devoted spaces within NYC. This program will reach out to neighborhoods where area households fall below the median income level.

Help transform a pilot project into a full-scale program to make art and healthy living accessible to all!

As Executive Director of Artfully Unforgotten, I have witnessed first hand the benefits of bringing people together to explore art, environment and health. Helping launch and expand this program will make a difference in communities where budget cuts have resulted in little-to-no art programs and resources.

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