We're asking you to Dig Deep and help us present a play in South Los Angeles that revitalizes communities and plants seeds of opportunity!

Cornerstone creates theater that transforms people and communities. We create plays based on the stories of the communities we meet. Our process is collaborative, challenging, unpredictable, and beautiful.

Our latest play written by Sigrid Gilmer is called SEED: A Weird Act of Faith. It tells the story of agriculture in rural and urban contexts with communities in South Los Angeles. It’s a conversation centered on accessible healthy foods and a community that's tired of being told it is a “food desert.”

On stage you'll see members of the community: farmers, students, advocates, and leaders working to revitalize our neighborhoods.

SEED is more than just a play. Over the next 10 weeks you'll be part of an online conversation and a series of public events around the real issues of hunger in our communities. You'll learn the staggering statistics of hunger, witness the real stories of people in our communities and learn what seeds you can plant to create change.

Chck out these cool incentives to give:

$25: Get your name in the program and your own seed packet at the show or in the mail.

$50: Get your custom DIG DEEP sticker & the above.

$100: Get your custom DIG DEEP Pin & the above.

$250: Get your own custom Hunger Cycle tote bag & the above.

$500: Get your own exclusive photo shoot with the puppet & the above.

$1,000: Get an invite to attend the exclusive unveiling where you’ll meet the artist and sign our donor wall & the above.

$1,500: Get a chance to meet the artists backstage, honorary mention in house speech & the above.

$2,000: Get 10 tickets to our invite only opening night & the above.

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