The Derek Revord Endowment was established in memory of Derek Revord. The Endowment donates to and supports the Special Olympics.

The Derek Revord Endowment was created in memory of Derek David Revord. Derek was a friend to all who met him and is missed and loved by those who were close to him.

The Derek Revord Endowment was established in December, 2010 with the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. The Endowment became fully endowed in the spring of 2012 and donates to the South Carolina Special Olympics serving the Lowcountry.

As of January 1, 2014, the Endowment's balance was approximately $36,000!! Our goal of a $50,000 balance is getting close.

In 2013, the Endowment raised $12,000!!! Thank you donors!!!

The donation tracker to the right is the amount left to reach this year's goal.

We are getting there!! The more the Endowment raises the more it can support the Special Olympics.

The Endowment’s first donation to the Special Olympics serving the Lowcountry was in July 2012 – Thank you to our donors!!!!

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