Once again we are jumping in the cold cold waters of Fish Lake to raise money for Haiti. Two schools already built and more to come.

This will be the fourth year in a row we are dunking through the ice into Fish Lake. When we were planning the first year's event back in 2010, the hope was to raise enough money for our club to play a small part in the construction of a school.

Fast forward to 2013 and the dunk has raised over $75000 playing a integral part in the completion of two schools in Haiti. Several hundred kids are now getting an education they would otherwise not be receiving.

The whole idea for the Rotary Partnership for Haiti is that once health and life is established through the construction of clean drinking water you need opportunity. That opportunity is provided by the establishment of sustainable schools that will educate and provide an education for thousands of children over the years to come.

Rotary clubs from around the world are working hard with Haiti Outreach to make a lasting difference. I hope you can support me in this very Minnesotan of activities with the goal of providing health and opportunity to those in Haiti who need it most.


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