Your donation helps PCA transform the culture of youth sports to one where every athlete has a positive character building experience.

At PCA, our objective is to transform youth sports throughout the Bay Area -- from a winning at all costs mentality to building character on and off the field. This is especially important in places like Silicon Valley, with its emphasis on achievement and success.

Many coaches and parents often emphasize that winning is the only goal that matters. These coaches and parents have lost sight of the importance of youth athletes enjoying themselves, working together as a team and developing character along the way.

Through a series of dynamic interactive workshops the organization changes how parents, coaches and athletes view thier role. The workshops demonstrate the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.

  • 95% of PCA-trained coaches believe that PCA gives them the tools to help their players improve at their sport and work together as a team
  • 79% of students agreed with the statement, "I treated my opponents better this season." (compared to the season before PCA)

Many current and former sports leaders and athletes support PCA, including former 49er defensive great Ronnie Lott, San Francisco Giants Manager Bruce Bochy, former Lakers Coach Phil jackson, San Jose Sharks co-owner Kevin Compton and Shark's General Manager Doug Wilson.

Please consider donating to PCA’s Annual Fund to help it make the Bay Area a model for other areas of the country! If you donate by December 31st, your donation will be doubled thanks to a $100,000 match!

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