Since 2002 DC Dynasty has provided quality baseball instruction and academic support to youth in underserved communities.

With limited facilities and not so pristine fields, we manage to reach nearly 300 youth a year through our program. Since our inception in 2002, we have seen over 50 of our alumni go on to play college baseball and eleven of our alumni have been fortunate enough to play professionally. Many more go to college and become leaders on campuses all across the country. We literally have kids that can’t get enough of our program. However, quality fields and space dedicated to baseball is scarce. DC Dynasty has always dreamed of having its own indoor baseball facility. We are closer than ever to realizing this dream and making it possible for us to offer our services 6 days a week throughout the year. We have created an environment conducive to learning and remain a safe haven for many inner-city youth in the District.

Our mission is to make baseball relevant again and put baseball back on the map in our Nation’s Capital! Participation in baseball across the city remains low, and in particular it is a dying sport in the inner-cities across the region. Retention after Little League is at an all-time low, and I believe the lack of facilities and accessibility to baseball year around has a profound impact. In a predominantly football and basketball city, DC Dynasty has been a constant driving force for respectability in the sport. We believe in a cultural and socio-economic diverse setting. We bring together kids that usually would not have an opportunity to interact otherwise. Every year we have kids that travel outside of DC or stay in a hotel for the first time with our travel teams. Our coaches do a great job of not only coaching, but serving as a mentor or big brother is a natural instinct in our program. Your support shows that you believe not only in our organization, but the youth we impact on a daily basis. We cannot do it without your help, and you can expect to hear the great things that these kids can and will accomplish down the road!!!


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