Daylight gives children from war-torn nomadic Kenya safety, food, education, and love.

Daylight Center is a school, dormitory, and community outreach facility where children from the war-torn world of nomadic Kenya find safety, food, education, and love. Daylight was begun by leaders from the nomadic communities who sought to bring peace, education, and hope to their tribes. These tribes are in a constant state of war with one another and Daylight is raising a new generation of indigenous leaders to transform their culture.

Daylight is located in the city of Kapenguria at the edge of the nomadic lands. Today, Daylight has committed teachers providing education for 150 kids who come from tribes across the region. With the help of generous supporters and partners, we hope one day to increase enrollment to 600 children.

Before Daylight

In northern Kenya, nomads roam the land searching for food and water. It is a place where wealth is not measured in cash or credit, but cows and goats. These animals are the people’s survival. Beginning at age 12, children are taught to steal with AK-47s. Some die protecting their animals. Many families go to sleep hungry.

Kenyan schools are not free and the nomadic families can not afford to pay school fees. Many kids are killed in tribal fighting, die of starvation or turn to a life of cattle stealing. Daylight stops this cycle of poverty by offering these children a chance at a hope and a future.

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