Dear Family and Friends, I am raising money for my organization: Positive Coaching Alliance.

As many of you know, I have been a life-long sports fan. Some of my fondest memories are related to a sporting event. And my love, for sports, has led me to my current role as the Boston Partnership Manager for PCA.

For those of you who are not familiare with PCA, we are a National Non-Profit organization who's mission is to change and enhance the culture of youth sports. Over 40 million youth play sports, in the US, every year and unfortunately, due to negative experiences, more than 70% of children drop out of youth sports before they turn 13. That's right - 70% of all children drop out of youth sports before they turn 13. Our goal is to reverse that trend by creating a culture which focuses on develpoing competitor and teaching life-lessons through sports. Our research-based program prepars sports leaders, coaches, parents and officals to develop positive culturesin which kids can play sports. Since 1998, we have trained almost 675k adults, impacting more than 4.5 million youth athletes!

Today I am writing to ask for your support. PCA depends on the contributions of individuals like you to do the work that we do across the country. Please visit my personal fundraising page to donate today! I have set a personal goal to raise $1500, and every dollar counts!

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