Support Team JCFS at the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon!

What inspired you to run/walk the Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Team JCFS?

A chance to increase awareness of the phenomenal work we do at JCFS.

What program are you running/walking for?

I am running for all of the JCFS Community Counseling Centers. Therapy is vital to a healthy community—especially in this difficult economic time.

How does JCFS Redefine What’s Possible? or Describe one moment when you knew that your work with JCFS made a difference in someone’s life?

The work we do in the Community Counseling Centers is incredibly inspirational and essential for families. There is no single defining moment. In my two years at JCFS, I have witnessed many people with past experiences of loss and trauma resume their lives with optimism and confidence due to their treatment in our program. Overall, the work we do in the JCFS Community Counseling Centers is essential for maintaining a safe environment for children and their families.

What will you be thinking about at mile 20?

Can someone give me a lift? If not, I will think about enjoying those endorphins soon after the race is over.

What food will you hunt down after the race to replenish those 2600 calories?

Homemade southern Indian food! Light, filling and very tasty!

What do you love about running/walking?

For me, running is one of the best activities for clearing my mind. I feel the benefits of a good run for several days.

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