Please help us make a generous contribution to the Joan Karnell Cancer Center in Danny's name for his birthday.

What do you give the man who needs nothing but good health for his birthday? Dorit and I would like to make a generous contribution in Danny's name to the Joan Karnell Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital to be used for research.

Danny is a very generous person who never hesitates to help out anyone in need. Please join with us to make a contribution in his name by making a donation. We have a goal of $5800.00 which is $100.00 for each year of his life. We can make this goal if 290 people each give $20.00 and we can surpass this goal if more people get involved. Please make a contribution and pass this along to friends and family by social media or word of mouth. Thank you so much for helping us give Danny a meaningful birthday gift!

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