Each Treasure Hunter will be working to build a team of 100 friends who will each ask 10 friends to donate $10 to fight human trafficking!

Hi, my name is Dana Nuesca, and I am a TREASURE HUNTER! I believe that precious girls across the world who are trapped in sex trafficking are WORTH so very much. I also believe that we can tell her that She's Worth it through using our voices and our money to make a difference.

I am looking for 100 friends to ask 10 friends to donate $10. Most likely, one of my friends asked you to give! Will you be a part of our effort to communicate to each of these girls that "She's Worth It" by donating today? Consider using the sharing buttons to spread the word on FB, Twitter or through email too!

So why are we doing this? We NEED security for our shelter. We are opening in less than a week without security because we have girls waiting now; unfortunately the shelter is located in a rough part of town. There have been multiple robberies at knife and gun point near the shelter. We hope to purchase a sea container for 3,000.00, so that we can have on site security living on the property 24/7 which will cost us 2,750.00 monthly. I am asking for a start…at least 10,000 dollars raised by collecting only 10.00.

NOTE: We are "treasure hunting" to fund Seeds of Hope in Costa Rica. Check out our page: www.seedsofhopehome.com

100% of what is raised will go towards this project! The cost for using Razoo/Credit Cards is 2.9%, if you'd like to add that to your gift, it would be much appreciated and hep us reach our goal!

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