159 counties - millions of Georgia families and children in need. (All donations go DIRECTLY to GLSP)

UPDATE: As of April 1, 2014 - we have visited seventy-nine (79) Georgia counties. That means we are half-wayish there. But only around 20% of our fundraising goal. Consider helping today.

UPDATE: As of March 7, 2014, we have visited seventy (70) Georgia counties. We have been fortunate to also “revisit” several more. We are still big fans of the beautiful scenes we see, the historic courthouses and nostalgic post office buildings, and, of course, our signature picture with the county line signs. So the cycling effort is strong.

Unfortunately, we have also seen the economic impact on many of Georgia's most vulnerable citizens get worse. Opportunities are still scarce. Resources have been drastically cut. Most important, serious issues like domestic violence and elder abuse, occur far too frequently. So, we are renewing our commitment and increasing our efforts to bring awareness to this important resource that helps protect against serious issues that affect so many of our neighbors, relatives, co-workers and friends. We would appreciate your support.


Cycling for me is important and it has helped me adopt a healthier lifestyle but, in addition to the wonderful scenes I have seen and see across Georgia, there are fantastic families I meet that I know need help. That kind of help is provided by the Georgia Legal Services Program across the state. I now ride to raise awareness for them.

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