BBP is transforming the world through ourselves, community building, and accountability.

Brown Boi Project has been and continues to be a truly transformative experience. I had opportunity to participate in the October 2012 cohort that was a several day leadership retreat building relationships of intimacy and accountability with other masculine-identified men, transmen, women, bois, brothas, and family. We asked each other questions of gender and accountability and what it means to be masculine-embodied people in a world where masculinity has been used as a weapon of war, punishment, anger, aggression, and violence. We also built relationships and community with each other in ways so intimate and vulnerable that that in and of itself was a challenge to a hegemonic culture of masculinity. We were provided training and practical skill shares to integrate into the work and places we all come from. Together we are building a network of revoluntionary folks prepared to reflect on our own participation in dynamics of power and privilege and also have the tools to speak truth to power in our own lives.

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