We engage children in the farm-to-table process, connect stakeholders, and assure that local foods are available in D.C. school meals.

What is the DC Farm to School Network?

The DC Farm to School Network is a coalition of diverse stakeholders working to incorporate more healthy, local foods into Washington, DC school meals, and to connect students with where their food comes from. Our Network includes teachers, parents, farmers, food service providers, school administrators, environmental organizations, farmers’ market directors, health advocates and community members. We are a group of organizations and individuals that care about the health and well being of the District of Columbia’s kids, our local environment and our local food economy. DC Greens is our nonprofit home.

What is the DC Farm to School Network’s mission?

To improve the health and well being of schoolchildren in the District of Columbia, and of our local environment and food economy, by increasing access to healthy, local, and sustainable foods in all Washington, D.C. schools; and to connect D.C. schoolchildren with where their food comes from.

What is Farm to School?

Farm to School programs connect local farmers with schools to get more healthy, local foods into school cafeterias. Farm to School efforts improve child health; reconnect students with where food comes from; provide health, food and environmental education opportunities; and support the local food economy.

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