Raising money & awareness of the BSO.

The BSO is well known for their world class talent, musicianship and playing consistently outstanding music. What is less known is that they work tirelessly through several community outreach programs to bring their beautiful music to the schools to engage the students and expose them to a special treasure that we have here in Baltimore. Like everyone, the BSO is struggling with the economic downturn while working to maintain their high standards and performance level. Two years ago, I got the bright idea to run in the Baltimore Runing Festival and solicit donations from my friends to support the BSO. My idea caught the attention of several BSO fans and musicians and thus, the Bolt was born. Our first year we had 5 fans and 5 musicians and we raised $15,000. In year two, we had 115 runners that included 15 musicians and music director Marin Alsop an we raised $53,000 for the BSO. This year, we are going to increase the team to 150 runners and we set a goal to raise over $60,000 (secretly, I'm hoping we hit $75K). With your help and support, we will easily reach and pass that goal.

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