I am happy to announce that I will be running the 2012 Pittsburgh Marathon on behalf of Haiti H2O!

Why I'm running for Haiti H2O...

Simply -- I run for Haiti H2O to be part of raising funds that will be used to make a difference in the lives of Haitians who are working very hard to make a difference in their neighborhoods, regions and ultimately for their country.

I support Haiti H2O because I see God at work. This is an organization that is born out of a calling and love of God to serve in partnership with local people. Haitian friends love Haiti H2O. Their work is sustainable. Haitian manage their own programs with partnership from local and US experts. Wholistic minitry is lived out with Haiti H2O.

I don't know why but I've been compelled to train for the full 26.2 mile marathon. I have a goal of raising AT LEAST $2600. It's all about 26.2 this year....

I was quite challenged in running the 1/2 marathon...but I nearly heard a voice saying to me 'take this challenge and bring others with you'. Now I'm going to do this...I've started, I can't give up.


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