CSE is an effort to assert the full humanity and equality of LGBT people and to increase public support for LGBT rights.

The WE DO Campaign involves LGBT couples in the Southern communities where they live requesting marriage licenses in order to call for full equality under federal law.

For too long, the South has been written off as unwinnable territory. We’re told we have to settle for incremental progress, with no definite timeline for full equality. But we don’t agree. We know that LGBT people and allies across the South have a crucial role to play in the effort to achieve federal equality in the areas of employment, housing and yes, marriage.

We’re a scrappy little non-profit trying to make big things happen. Please help amplify the voices of these courageous LGBT couples as they apply for marriage licenses by giving whatever you can afford, whether it’s 10 or 500 dollars.

Launched in 2011, to date, more than 100 LGBT couples have requested marriage licenses in their hometowns as part of the WE DO Campaign. Watch the WE DO videos to learn more!

CSE offers a series of free Community Law Workshops (CLW) in the communities we work with. CLWs take two forms: (1) community education sessions led by attorneys about special topics in LGBT law, such as name changes; and (2) legal clinics at which volunteer attorneys provide pro bono services (e.g. completing health care power of attorney forms). CLWs are designed to empower LGBT people in the South to protect our rights to the full extent possible under current laws.

Additionally CSE’s LGBT Rights Toolkit provides individuals and families with information about how tools to protect your rights as a LGBT person in the South.

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