CSE works across the South to win equality for LGBT individuals and families in the areas of employment, housing and yes, marriage.

Specifically your tax-deductible gift will:

1) Allow us to run more stages of the WE DO Campaign.

To date more than 115 couples in seven Southern states have applied for marriage licenses as part of the WE DO Campaign. This effort has been covered by USA Today, MSNBC, Chicago Tribune, AP and many more outlets, telling a new story about the urgent need for equality in the South.

Recent WE DO Campaign actions took place on March 25, 2014 in Jackson, Mississippi and on May 8, 2014 in Raleigh, NC. Stay tuned for our next action!

2) Expand CSE's LGBT Rights Toolkit.

As we work for equal rights we must also help LGBT people protect themselves under current laws. Our free legal clinics and up-to-date information about resources and rights help folks know thier rights until a time when LGBT people are fully equal under law. We will hold 9 Community Law Workshops across North Carolina during 2014.

3) Grow our Hometown Organizing Project.

CSE trains and empowers local leadership (LGBT folks and allies) across the South to create awareness about equality issues and work for legal rights in their own communities.

For too long, the South has been written off as unwinnable territory. We’re told we have to settle for incremental progress, with no definite timeline for full equality. But we don’t agree.

We know that LGBT people and allies across the South have a crucial role to play in the effort to achieve equal rights for LGBT individuals and families. We’re a scrappy little non-profit trying to make big things happen.

Will you stand with us and support the Campaign for Southern Equality by making a tax-deductible donation today?

The Campaign for Southern Equality is also running a public education campaign around the lawsuit filed by clergy in North Carolina challenging discriminatory marriage laws including Amendment One. The case challenges the constitutionality of marriage laws in North Carolina – including Amendment One – that ban marriage between same-sex couples and make it illegal for clergy to perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples within their congregations.

Clergy plaintiffs seek the religious freedom to perform these ceremonies and same-sex couples seek the freedom to marry. The plaintiffs are represented by the law firms of Tin Fulton Walker & Owen and Arnold & Porter LLP.

The Campaign for Southern Equality is coordinating the public education campaign accompanying the case. Learn more at: www.amendmentonechallenge.org.

Your financial support will go directly toward legal fees, legal expenses and public education efforts supporting the case.

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