High School Rowers that Want to Make a Difference and Give Back, while Helping Others Form Their Own Efforts.

We are Grant Janart and Daniel Keller, two high school rowers from New York who wish to give back to the community in connection with our favorite sport. We decided to work together on this project to assist our fellow rowers and other high school athletes so they can join us in giving back to the community and helping charities. We want to show people that Crew Cares.

We chose Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center because both of us have been effected by cancer in our lives. Daniel's aunt, an inspiration to him, died from cancer several years ago, however Sloan Kettering allowed her to live for longer with the disease and enjoy her last year with her family. Grant's mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer when he was only two weeks old. Luckily, through the painstakingly caring, and dedicated work done by the MSKCC staff, she was able to survive the disease, and watch him experience his entire 16 years of life, and is still going strong!

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