The Goodrow family inspires me every day with their strength, courage, and determination. I will channel that inspiration with each step!

Want to make God laugh? Make a plan.

I planned on sponsoring someone converting to Catholism. God sent me someone that was stronger in faith and love of His church than I could ever be.

She and her husband wanted to have a baby, so they would never be bored. God sent them Elena. So full of life and personality that just to talk to her for 5 minutes will have you laughing and thinking upon the conversation for at least 5 months! And between her wit and fight with CF - trust me they are anything but bored!!

I wanted to go to Disney and wear a tu-tu and tiara. God sent me a friend that insisted I learn to run.

And so here I am, learning to run and still wanting to support someone that keeps supporting me and everyone else in the world. It is enough to make any girl go crazy!!!

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