Funds raised during Mustache May will be donated to benefit the Boys Club of New York

Friends and Fans,

To raise money for the Boys Club of New York while promoting handsomeness through mustache growth: this is the dual mandate of Mustache May. In its inaugural year, 2009, Mustache May participants at NYU Stern raised over $8,000 for the Boys Club of New York. Last year, over 70 participants came together to raise more than $18,000.

Our mission is twofold. First, the kids:

- The Boys Club of New York provides young men a place to learn, play, grow, and mature, which is something most of us take for granted. They provide education, mentors, sports, and most importantly inspiration for kids who may not be from the best environments. Please consider giving them a better chance at BEING GREAT with a donation.

Secondly, Handsomeness:

- How often do you see a young man strutting a strong upper lip that is well-decorated, distinctive, and Handsome? The answer: not enough times. This Mustache May will feature dozens of Handsome men from NYU strutting around like peacocks with remarkable--and Handsome--mustaches. Tell them how much you appreciate their gusto with a donation.

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