We partner with families with children with disabilities - to encourage families to stay together and to help prevent abandonment.

In our East Asian country, many children with disabilities are abandoned. This is due to a lack of medical insurance, a lack of government programs and a lack of non-profit organizations to reach out to these families. Families that keep their disabled children are ridiculed by society, friends and family. We seek to encourage families in their right choices. Peace's family is one such family that needed our support.

Peace was the last thing that he brought to his family, however, with support from Childrenn of Promise, he has been making improvements in his physical and cognitive abilities. He is now walking with a walker and starting to speak.

His family, originally not believers in Christ, had no hope and a lot of stress. They now have come to know Christ and have drawn closer to each other. The marital tensions have decreased and the family is strengthened. Peace is making improvements, and the family has hope once again. This family went from certain destruction - divorce, abandoned child, and bitterness in their hearts to hope in each other, in the community of Children of Promise, in the local church, and in Christ.

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