Covenant House Washington provides homeless youth food, shelter, educational and vocational services, life skills education, and child care.

As part of Covenant House International, the largest privately funded agency in the Americas serving homeless, runaway, throwaway, and at-risk youth, Covenant House Washington serves youth throughout the metropolitan area and beyond. We provide a community of hope and healing to youth ready to transition from life on the streets to a life with a future. Covenant House Washington’s vision is three-fold: to protect young people from the streets and from dangerous living situations; to enhance their lives through substantial services and support so that they may transition to adulthood successfully; and to advocate with them and on their behalf, when necessary, so that future generations of children, teenagers and young adults do not face the same crippling challenges as today’s struggling young people face.

Each young person we serve comes to use with their own story and struggle. Many are running from abuse, the violence of gangs or from being sex-trafficked. Some were kicked out of their homes with their infants because no one wanted a baby in their house. Far to many age out of the foster care system and show up at our doorstep - at a time when they have no one else to turn to. Others simply have no other place to call home. Since 1995, they have been come to use for help.

From a simple store front in the Southeast area of Washington, DC to multiple locations throughout the District, Covenant House Washington has served over 30,000 needful young people over the past 16 years.

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