It will help with supporting any families that have lost a person in the line of duty.

Rod Pocceschi was my FTO when I came on the Department and you never think a day will come that you get a phone call from a friend that tells you to get to the hospital. I received that phone call one morning and you just wonder why such a nice person like this? Rod was so proud of his family and wanted nothing more to see his son grow up. His family was faced with such a tragady and now his wife had to raise their son and find a way to pick up the pieces and take care of all their financial obligations. I want to partcipate in this run/walk to raise money for families that are faced with these tragadies. I want families to know that there is help for them when this happens and there question is what do we do now? They have an organization that will help them, and they will help them through their time in need.

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