Convivio advances Italian cultural identity through scholarship, community engagement, and innovative programming.

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Convivio is a literary work by Dante in which he commented on the philosophy and culture of the day. Convivio is also a state of mind…Whenever you may see a group of people breaking bread together as the Italians so famously do—enjoying the moment, the company, and the conversation—that is the essence of Convivio. When you think of Convivio, think of love of life and culture.

With an innovative model and philosophy, and an emphasis on community development and social consciousness, Convivio strives to accomplish the following:

  • Promote the study of Italian language, arts, and culture
  • Engage the community in innovative programs and advocacy issues
  • Cultivate partnerships with academia
  • Foster Italian community emerging leadership
  • Provide scholarships and grants for Italian studies and cultural pursuits
  • Preserve Italian heritage and identity and relate the Italian immigrant experience
  • Encourage closer cultural ties to Italy

Convivio sponsors myriad events such as literary workshops, film screenings, educational lectures, interactive presentations, artistic exhibits, artisan showcases, and musical festivals. Our auxiliary Web sites include, a virtual piazza for local Italian-community resources; and, the digital repository of Italian-community historical photographs, documents, and oral histories. Our newsletter, From the Italo-Files, highlights the local Italian community news.

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