Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! Our group, Continental Crossings, is a group of five students (including myself) from the University of Iowa and we are trying to raise funds to build a footbridge in Nicaragua next summer.

In June 2010, we traveled to Zambia, Central Africa, to partner with Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), the University of Zambia and the Zambian Rural Roads Authority on the construction of a pedestrian bridge near Livingstone, Zambia. We worked alongside Zambian students and local community members to construct the bridge in a little over a month. The 54-meter suspended footbridge allows safe passage across the Maramba stream which often becomes impassable in the rainy season. Community members will now be able to cross the stream safely year round in pursuit of education, health care and commerce.

Our group, Continental Crossings, is now involved in designing another pedestrian bridge, this time to be implemented in Central America. We will be traveling to Nicaragua in November for a site assessment and again next summer to construct the bridge. The five members have in-country construction experience which will be vital in the assessment and implementation trips. The success of the 2012 project, as well as others in the future, will depend on the support of people like you. Please support us in any way that you can.

All donations, since they go to our partner B2P, are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt with your donation. Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. If you cannot donate, please help spread the word about our mission.

Visit our website: or

B2P's website:

to learn more about how bridges can affect an entire community by providing increased access to markets, schools and health facilities while providing valuable training for local community members.

Many thanks for your support -- and please consider forwarding this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!

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