Founded in 1981 as a small mental health agency, today CLUES is a leading provider of behavioral health and human services in Minnesota.

Delia came to CLUES in May 2013 requesting assistance with her mortgage situation. She was 18 months past due on her mortgage. She could not longer afford the $2400 monthly payment. She and her husband had divorced and she was the only income earner in the household with 3 children to support. CLUES Financial Coach met with Delia and worked with her to help her create a crisis budget. She was referred to CLUES Employment programs to get help to obtain a part-time job to increase her income. And, CLUES Financial Coach worked with Delia to submit an application with her mortgage lender for a loan modification. In August, the lender approved her application for a loan modification and adjusted the monthly payment to $1400 with a fixed interest rate of 2%. Delia was so happy and thankful that we helped her with this process and that she and her children can stay in their home. She said she had tried many times but the lender kept denying her, until she came to CLUES.

CLUES provides the following six core services:

► Mental Health Services
► Chemical Health Services
► Aging Well Services
► Economic Advancement Services
► Family Services
► Community Health Worker Services

The mission of CLUES—to improve the quality of life of the Latino community in Minnesota—has expanded in the past several years to include other minority and immigrant men, women, and children. Our tagline—Many cultures, one dream—underscores our commitment to helping the most vulnerable in our community lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.

We are the only Minnesota social service agency that uses a family-centric coordinated care model to address clients’ entire well-being. We understand that the needs of our clients are complex and interrelated, and our staff is able to uncover the underlying issues (mental health, chemical health, unemployment, etc.) that have led to, or exacerbated, family crisis. By working with the entire family, we are able to diagnose and intervene meaningfully; engaging the entire family allows us to work towards a long-term and sustainable solution for health and stability.

In 2012, we served over 12,000 people.

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797 7TH St E
St Paul, MN 55106

(651) 379-4200


Founded in 1981 as a small mental health agency, today CLUES is a leading provider of behavioral health and human services in Minnesota.

EIN 411386986

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