***Coloradans ****** Supporting Higher Education's Most Extraordinary ****** Journey***

We here in Colorado understand what it means to lead the efforts of stewardship through experience. The Rocky Mountains remind us that we can reach new heights merely by taking the first step in the proper direction.

The Bus Expedition helped us to discover our direction.

  • We are musicians, bicyclists, youth educators, higher education guides, entrepreneurs, activists, hikers, mountaineers, and participants in our local community.
  • We hike, ride, run, play, meditate, pray, think, teach, learn, offer, and accept with an uncommon intention to better ourselves and those around us.
  • We exist under the neon blue sky found above 6,000 ft. We behave in harmony with our natural resources for the sake of longevity. We enjoy life with the good natured thrill of teenagers in the backcountry.

We are Coloradan Bussers.

Alycia, Jeff, Jullie, Kate, Ken, and Paige are asking you to contribute your hard earned dollars in order to create more people like you and us.

  • Give 10% of your month's earnings to create a more conscientious work environment in the future.
  • Give the cost of a month's worth of concerts by supporting the development of souls.
  • Give the amount of your monthly gasoline bill and find an alternative to your commute.

Giving to EEI is one of the best decisions you will make this year, certainly one of the most rewarding.

About EEI:


The EEI model supports students to develop capacities and build confidence in their articulation, expression, and creativity, as well as their leadership and group process abilities.

Students and faculty live and learn together, traveling in a custom retrofitted school bus, eating, sleeping, and studying outdoors while exploring the local and global environmental challenges that communities and ecosystems are facing. During their travels, the community examines and learns about the myriad sustainable solutions that represent the “blessed unrest.” They come to know the bioregion, ecologically, culturally, and socio-politically, and come to know themselves on a deeper level, individually and as part of a rich learning community.

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